About this library

The New Brunswick Women’s Council is creating a library of online content on the COVID-19 pandemic that focuses on marginalized populations or uses a social justice lens.

While most of what we have collected focuses on women or is otherwise gender-based, we are also including content that is based on other identity factors (such as race, sexual orientation, and disability) and vulnerable or marginalized populations even if they make no mention of women or gender. We are also including content on the not-for-profit sector.

The library only includes content at the regional, national, or international level that is general or broad enough to be relevant to New Brunswick. The one exception to this is the inclusion of example recovery plans from other jurisdictions that are promising in terms of advancing women’s equality or social justice more broadly.

Please note:

  • We are not including information or updates on COVID-19 that governments are providing. Visit the Government of Canada or the Government of New Brunswick for this.
  • We are not including information on community-based programs, initiatives, or services that are available or information on how to cope with COVID-19.
  • We do not have the ability to thoroughly fact-check every link, nor do we endorse the analysis, advice, or calls to action included in the library. Our aim is to share a variety of content from reputable organizations and sources that are typically trustworthy or thoughtful.

The New Brunswick Women’s Council

The Women’s Council is an independent advisory body for study and consultation on matters of importance, interest, and concern to women and their substantive equality. This project was developed in response to the council’s mandate to bring issues of interest and concern to women and their substantive equality to the attention of government and the public.

The work of the council is directed by an appointed volunteer membership that includes both organizations and individual women. The work is managed and executed by a small staff team.

Open Call

This library was developed in collaboration with Code for Canada, the Canadian Digital Service, and the Canadian School of Public Service Digital Academy, as part of their joint #OpenCall program to help government teams during COVID-19.

Through Open Call, the Women’s Council was connected to a civic tech team from Code for Canada. This team included a developer and designer who worked with our staff to create this library. Without this digital services support from the federal government and Code for Canada, this project would not have been possible.